Sol & Kleene Trucks BV

Your GPS for truck trading

In search of the perfect truck or trailer for your customer? We travel the world to do so. Networking, negotiating, importing and exporting: We do it all for you. Saving you time, energy and money. We are your GPS for truck trading!

What do we promise? Five guarantees


We know what the perfect trade for you is

Every truck and trailer is different. So, it takes knowledge to understand which offer fits the country and the customer. With more than a decade of practical experience, we know all your wishes and needs.


We have the perfect trade connections for you

It doesn't matter to us whether we have to brave the freezing cold of the far north or the heat of southern Spain. Thanks to our wanderlust, we have a growing worldwide network of traders, transporters, dealers, leasing companies and auctions.


We know the perfect moment for you to trade

We proactively travel for you to be in the right place at the right time. That way, we can always offer you an opportunity that no one has seen yet.


We ensure the perfect trade price

We understand the variables that factor in determining value. We negotiate the purchase price of trucks and trailers on the basis of market knowledge. We expertly and realistically set the most competitive prices.


We provide you with the perfect trade support

Wherever you want your truck or trailer to be delivered, we make it possible with shipping and/or transport. We take away all your worries concerning difficult paperwork. We know what we need to arrange for you and we speak many languages in order to operate internationally.

Five guarantees - Sol & Kleene Trucks BV

What do we do? Unburdening you

Every year, we purchase hundreds of competitively priced vehicles for you and other customers across the globe. We import them from all corners of the world and export them all over the globe. We offer you all the service and support you need.


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  • Trailers


  • Procurement
  • Sales


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We find your perfect trade - Sol & Kleene Trucks BV
We find your perfect trade

How do we distinguish ourselves? Three key points!

All our processes are guided by three key points: We are genuine, passionate and skilful. In other words: GPS. Wherever we go, every day we use our GPS as a guideline. Like a navigation system that shows us the way and can be felt by you when we work together.

  • genuine
    We are genuine about trading
  • passionate
    We trade passionately
  • skillful
    We trade skillfully

What drives us? Empowering you

Trading—we have been intrigued by it since childhood. We noticed how happy we made others with our search for that one perfect find. Soon it became clear that trading was going to be our profession.

Finding through connecting

The ambition we dreamed of then is our reality now. We travel the world for you as a seller of trucks and trailers to find the perfect match for your customers by finding through connecting.

Sol & Kleene Trucks BV

What do we offer? Various offerings

We have a diverse and highly varied range of trucks and trailers. Our focus is on affordable quality from European brands, such as DAF, Man, Scania, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes and Renault.

Our latest deliveries:

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Interested? We love to help you on your way!

Sol & Kleene Trucks B.V.

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